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My husband brought some of your pear chips home from Fred Meyer in Oregon City, OR. These are so good I seriously need more! Amazing! I couldn’t stop eating them and I don’t even like fresh pears! They are so thin and crisp and just wonderful! The kids love them too and I love that this is locally made!
— Ariana Celeste Brooks
I can’t get over how delicious your fruit chips are! It’s so obvious that they’re made with the freshest fruit possible! They have just the right amount of sweetness & I love how thin they are! Makes them super light & crispy! I put them in Everything - cereal, oatmeal, salads! Perfect in anything that needs a yummy crunch! But my favorite way to eat them, is right out of the bag! I don’t have a favorite flavor either. I truly love them all! You definitely have made me a customer for life!
— Hollie Newlin
It’s not very often that I’ll seek out a company to give a review but these pear chips are INCREDIBLE!!! Hands down my favorite snack and treat all in one! I haven’t ventured into trying any flavors as I LOVE the plain pear but I think I’ll grab the raspberry next time. Customer for life!
— Brittany Olson Schmidtgall
I discovered the Raspberry Apple and Blackberry Apple chips in Hood River at one of the stops on the fruit loop. I am so obsessed with the them now. It’s a guilt free treat. Love the flavor. I’m excited to try more flavors.
— Nicole M Barlow
Sat in our conservatory in North Devon, UK enjoying a packet of the Cinnamon Apple variety, remembering our fabulous trip to the US this summer where we discovered these amazing chips at a farmers market at Nike campus in Beaverton. Please export to U.K!!
— Vanessa Brooks



that perfect little party appetizer



Smoked salmon 

Camembert (we used mt. Townsend cirrus)

Northwest pear chips 



start with the pear chips, add your cheese on top in thin slices, and arrange your smoked salmon on top.

This recipe is an amazing appetizer perfect for any party! Add a glass of white wine to the mix and you have yourself the perfect even snack! This is definitely our most favorite recipe! 

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