Barre3 Classes

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Julie's Review: 

Barre3…I have tried a few online classes but just here and there, nothing consistent so I thought I knew what I was getting into. Each and every online and in-studio class is different, and sometimes you’ll use a band, a ball, the wall bar, weights or even sometimes nothing at all but your body! The main thing is just doing it, start the process, sign up and you’ll get moving! Speaking of moving, I had tried a few of the moves and I have a shoulder injury so I made a couple modifications and stayed with the class no problem. So get ready for some leg shakes, put on something comfortable, grab your water bottle and a towel (boy did I make the mistake of thinking I wouldn’t need towel, lol, luckily they provided them at class) and just TRY it! We hope you’ll love it as much as we did! If one of the MANY class times/locations options don’t work for you, try an online class. -J



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Hannah's Review: 

I love Barre3! I have done their online videos for the last couple of months, and I think it is the best workout for me on days that I don't run. It definitely challenges me to a point that I couldn't get to on my own. I am stronger than I have ever been, and I love pushing myself to the edge. So when we decided that we were going to try out three studio classes, I was really excited to compare online vs. in person. I was impressed going there, because each studio that I went too was modern and had tons of natural light. All of the instructors were incredibly nice, and challenged us! Though, I had to say that it was really difficult in the best possible way. I definitely got the barre3 shakes, and very quickly! Overall, I love doing the classes and I will continue to make sure that barre3 is part of my lifestyle, when I am traveling, at home, and training for my half marathon that I am doing in July. -H

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