My husband brought some of your pear chips home from Fred Meyer in Oregon City, OR. These are so good I seriously need more! Amazing! I couldn’t stop eating them and I don’t even like fresh pears! They are so thin and crisp and just wonderful! The kids love them too and I love that this is locally made!
— Ariana Celeste Brooks

It’s not very often that I’ll seek out a company to give a review but these pear chips are INCREDIBLE!!! Hands down my favorite snack and treat all in one! I haven’t ventured into trying any flavors as I LOVE the plain pear but I think I’ll grab the raspberry next time. Customer for life!
— Brittany Olson Schmidtgall

I can’t get over how delicious your fruit chips are! It’s so obvious that they’re made with the freshest fruit possible! They have just the right amount of sweetness & I love how thin they are! Makes them super light & crispy! I put them in Everything - cereal, oatmeal, salads! Perfect in anything that needs a yummy crunch! But my favorite way to eat them, is right out of the bag! I don’t have a favorite flavor either. I truly love them all! You definitely have made me a customer for life!
— Hollie Newlin

I discovered the Raspberry Apple and Blackberry Apple chips in Hood River at one of the stops on the fruit loop. I am so obsessed with the them now. It’s a guilt free treat. Love the flavor. I’m excited to try more flavors.
— Nicole M Barlow

Sat in our conservatory in North Devon, UK enjoying a packet of the Cinnamon Apple variety, remembering our fabulous trip to the US this summer where we discovered these amazing chips at a farmers market at Nike campus in Beaverton. Please export to U.K!!
— Vanessa Brooks
The Sisters Fruit Company make the best dried fruit ever! I have never really liked dried fruit in the past because I thought most of the fruit flavor was lost, but not with this company. Thanks for making such a tasty, healthy product with the perfect amount of crunch. Pear chips and Blackberry Apple are my favorite!
— Phil Jensen

Best apple and pear chips you’ll ever taste !
Try them once and you’ll be hooked. No joke.
— Kheli Craven

Best snack ever! I love them all, including the pear. They satisfy my sweet tooth AND the need to crunch something, and I can eat a whole bag without guilt. So delicious.
— Deb Fant